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CoA Appoints Committee to Monitor BCA and Conduct Elections

Written by Rohit Pawar

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) has appointed a three-member Independent Supervisory Committee to run the cricketing affairs of Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) and also conduct fresh elections.

The CoA, chaired by Vinod Rai, took the decision after deliberating on the issue during a meeting in Mumbai on Friday.

“For the proper running of the game in Bihar and conduct a free, fair and transparent election, it is imperative that the BCA’s management is put under supervision and control of an Independent Supervisory Committee,” a source close to CoA told PTI.

The Supervisory Committee will be chaired by Alok Kumar (BCCI, ACU), while Alwin Gaekwad (BCCI Cricket Operations) and Sandeep Wagle (BCCI Finance) are the other two members.

The Committee will have the power to “supervise, regulate and suspend the powers, duties and functioning of all post holders in the BCA, appoint or replace electoral officer, ombudsman and ethics officer.”


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