Ghost of HPC returns to haunt Gurusinha!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Asanka Gurusinha, a member of World Cup winning Team, has created a havoc in Sri Lanka cricket! Forget about Chandika Hathurusingha, right now the biggest mystery of Sri Lanka cricket is Gurusinha and everyone in the Island is asking the same question: Whether his contract will be renewed or not?

Since July 2018, After St. Lucia embarrassment, he was overseeing SLC’s cricket related affairs as Chief Cricket operations officer. He was the head of SLC’s high performance Centre (HPC) and brain centre operations, as well as international and women’s cricket affairs.

Now, as SLC Top brass have found him an utter failure in all his responsibilities, they have decided to move on. Gurusinha’s contract ended on August 14th and SLC Top officials have made it clear to not to renew it.

Reasons are obvious. At Khetterama, Gurusinha paralyzed Sri Lanka Cricket, with his incompetence, arrogance and dictatorship.

At Khetterama, his responsibility was to assigning and supervising all the High performance coaches. However, majority of coaches were not happy with him, largely due to his inability to identify their talents and strengths.

Under Gurusinha’s supervision at Khetterama, Sri Lanka Cricket lost more coaches than nurturing!

During his tenure, he didn’t recommended quality coaches like Piyal Wijetunge, Lanka Silva, Rohitha Perera and Ajith Ekanayaka, thus their contracts were not renewed.

As a result, he has lost his job (at least for now) and is staring towards Punchi Borella!

In simple words, what Gurusinha did to deserved coaches at HPC, the destiny is doing the same with him now. The ghost of HPC has returned to haunt Gurusinha this time!


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