Auditor General’s false promises continues on SLC forensic audit

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Even though the world cup has also come to an end now, country’s Auditor General Chulantha Wickramaratne is still purposely holding back the forensic audit report of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) despite the fact that it has been completed long time ago, Cricket Age reliably learns.

On January 28, Sports Minister (?) had instructed to his secretary and then SLC Competent Authority Chulananda Perera to carry on a forensic audit from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2018 and submit the final report within two weeks.

However, even after more than six months, the auditor general is yet to release the audit report.

“He is just giving false promises to everyone that he will tabled the audit report in parliament this week, next week, after next week and so on. Again, just few days ago he promised to bring it out in a week. Two weeks have already gone, but still nothing. It seems he doesn’t want to table it” a source from AG’s department told Cricket Age.

According to sources, Chulantha’s predecessor Gamini Wijesinghe had also played a big role is purposely delaying the forensic audit report, as he was raluctant and scared to release the audit report before his retirement.

“There are rumors spreading in Sri Lanka cricket circuit that the report has already been changed. And, now if Auditor General will continue delaying it, more and more people’s will start believing in these rumors” the source added further.

More shockingly, few days ago, AG’s department had sent a questionaries to Sports Ministry, asking some weird informations.

“After five and half months, AG’s department suddenly woke up and asked for certain informations. So, what they were doing since last five and half months? Moreover, they were acting like Sports Ministry is a culprit and they are investigating the ministry, not the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC)” an insider of Sports Ministry told Cricket Age.

Surprisingly, Sports Minister (?) is also not talking about the forensic audit report anymore. Even though the hangover of historical world cup (historical from Sports Ministry only) is over, Minister is still missing from the action!


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