Thought I’d Seen Everything But This Was Ridiculous – Buttler

Written by Rohit Pawar

After what was an epic end to the Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand with England winning the match based on which team hit more boundaries during the Super Over after that too was tied, England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler described the match as “ridiculous”, saying he thought he “seen everything in cricket.”

“I thought I’d seen everything in cricket, but that game was just ridiculous. It’s hard to put it in words. We wanted to take it deep. We didn’t feel like the run-rate would be an issue if we (Stokes and myself) were both there in the end. A couple of good partnerships, we’ll chase this down,” said Buttler at the end of the match, speaking to the host broadcasters.

New Zealand went on to come back into the match after taking a few late wickets, and the match was eventually tied when England were all-out off the last ball of 50 overs, meaning the match went into a super over.

“Don’t know what happened there in the end. Unbelievable,” added Buttler, speaking about the drama in the Super Over.

Jonny Bairstow, meanwhile, extended his commiserations to New Zealand, while Liam Plunkett too said, “It hasn’t sunk in yet. What a finish that was. Hats off to the Kiwi boys. I’m, over the moon.”

“Massive commiserations to the New Zealand boys,” Bairstow said. “Edges one way, edges another (describing the match), the way the guys came back in the Super Over was fantastic, and Stokes was huge. To play at Lord’s is one thing, to play a World Cup final at Lord’s is something else.”

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