Hathurusingha remains stumbling block for an united Sri Lanka team!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In any sport, the bosses and institutions hires coaches to unite the team! In Cricket too, it’s the same. Take a example of team India. After legendary Anil Kumble’s controversial sacking Two years ago, Team and BCCI both were badly divided in camps. One segments was still loyal to MS Dhoni, other was backing Rohit Sharma, and another one was supporting Virat Kohli. At the end, BCCI hired Kohli’s preferred Ravi Shastri as a successor of Kumble. Shastri had no coaching experience! But, he certainly knew a thing or two about team unity, as a World Cup winning Team member in 1983.

In next two years, he, along with Kohli, transformed India as an cricketing powerhouse. More importantly, he united the team. More often than Kohli, he praised, backed and defended Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni. As a result, Rohit has become a run machine for team India and outscored even Virat Kohli! Dhoni, on the other hand, became a captain of official captain Virat Kohli!

That’s the biggest thing, Shastri, as a Coach, has done to team India!

In Sri Lanka, meanwhile, it’s coach Chandika Hathurasingha has done exact opposite! In last two years, under Hathurusingha’s wings, Sri Lanka has become the most divided team in world cricket. Officially, there were four camps. So much so that even Thisara Perera, an allrounder who was struggling to secure even his place in the team, was demanding for world cup captaincy, with the backing of Hathurusingha!

Clearly, Hathurusingha was a stumbling block for Sri Lanka Team, then!

However, after the appointment of Dimuth Karunaratne as captain, things changed significantly. Even though his appointment came form outside, with the influence of a big talking parasite who is sucking SLC big time, he brought much needed unity in the dressing room. According to top SLC administrators, in the world cup, Sri Lanka player as a unit and players were supporting each other. More importantly, even senior players like Angelo Mathews and Lasith Malinga helped Karunaratne during world cup campaign! After a long, long time, Sri Lanka players played against opposition, instead of playing against each other! In the world cup, Team was united!

However, Hathurusingha is still remain a stumbling block for now an united team!

“Under Karunaratne, team is united. This is the biggest positive, we can take from an otherwise lacklustre world cup campaign. However, there is still a big problem. And, the problem is that Hathurusingha remains a stumbling block for this team. And this output we have received from the players after their arrival to Sri Lanka” a senior SLC administrator told Cricket Age.

Hathurusingha, in his tenure so far, has only made enemies. Sports Minister wants him to go, SLC has fed up with him, the present selection committee is not in good terms with him, former manager left the scene because of him and now even fielding coach Steve Rixon has parted ways due to differences with Hathurusingha!

And now, Hathurusingha has become a stumbling block for team also. Certainly, it is the high time for SLC to take some stern action. Otherwise, Sri Lanka cricket is set to lose another 16 months from its four years time for next World Cup!

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