Finch Admits India ‘Completely Outplayed’ Australia

Written by Vipin Darwade

Australia had a daunting task on their hands with a chase in excess of 350 against India at The Oval in their ICC World Cup 2019 match and unfortunately for them David Warner’s uncharacteristically slow knock did not help the cause.

Skipper Aaron Finch, however, insisted that it was all down to some fantastic bowling by the Indian attack at the top of the innings.

“They (India) bowled very well to Warner and he need some more time. He’s a world-class player and will get good starts,” Finch said after the match.

Warner failed to set the tempo when it mattered most for his side, but the damage according to the captain had been done before they even came out to bat.

“They got 120 off the last 10 – which was a lot. We didn’t get too many wickets and when you have experienced guys and powerful guys it’s tough for anyone.”

“Being a used surface it didn’t help with the new ball. We could have been bit more back of a length, but India bat very deep. They just outplayed us. You need to assess the conditions and pick the XI.”

“We will be in a better place to make the decision in Taunton. There are 10 ways to get out and run out was one of them.”


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