CEO Ashley De Silva ensures SLC bankruptcy within 9 months!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Cricket Age Exclusive

The wrong decisions of two top officials of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) – CEO Ashley De Silva and COO Jerome Jayarathnehave pushed the board towards its worst financial scenario ever, most likely towards bankruptcy. To make things worse, some powerful outsiders parasites (who gets the authority to control SLC) have also reaped the rewards big time, making cricket board situation in dire state.

Failing to realise that it is his own fault, the ineffective CEO of SLC Ashley De Silva, together with his equally ineffective COO Jerome Jayarathne, called a meeting for the Management staff of cricket board last week and informed that the SLC will be banckrupted within next 6 months, Cricket Age reliably learns.

And, large blame for this perfect mess up goes to Ashley himself. Ashley, together with Jerome, during the time of previous Sports Minister Faiser Musthapha, schemed and planned together with incompetent competent authority Kamal Padmasiri and personal staff and wasted millions of board money even after Thilanga Sumathipala administration had left overflowing with cash after successful Nidhas Trophy last year.

Ashley, together with Jerome and henchmen, with full support of Minister Musthapha and his Competant Authority:

– Spent several thousand dollars on several trips overseas.

– Received 30% salary increments for themselves.

– Gave away salable tickets of the England tour to hordes of Musthapha’s electorate, claiming it was for school children’s, included hospitality to these tickets.

– Salary increments given to all staff without evaluations.

– Issued double bonus to staff of SLC in December 2018

– Distributed ex-gracia payment of ACC among themselves and loyalists.

And although England tour is known to be a money-making tour for SLC, thanks to Ashley’s incompetence, it was a loss as he was busy pandering to Musthapha’s election plans.

The biggest worrying thing for SLC, though, is that even after the arrival of Thilanga Sumathipala backed Shammi Silva led administration, things have not changed. Even though, President Shammi Silva is trying his best to avoid big expenses, due to some external pressure, the SLC is continuing heading towards financial disaster, as.

– For the World Cup, SLC and Sports Ministry launched a song, that costs 6 million rupees.

– Special recognition and benefits are being given to a particular cricket Stadium worth millions.

– 9,000,000 were given to Badulla Cricket Stadium for Furnishing of dressing room and pavilion.

– 47 Exco members, stakeholders, university officials and umpires committee members are going to UK to witness Sri Lanka’s World Cup matches.

– Rs. 750,000 were paid to Accountant Kamalika Jayasekara for covering up work of HOF although other staff members have covered up departments with no recognitions.

– Numerous overseas trips of SLC Top administrators, who have been overseas more than in Lanka during past 3 months.

– Numerous recruitment of loyalists on high salary, although no justifiable vacancies – Thanesh Dias – Secretary of CCC, Karavita – loyalist of a top administrator, Thushara – personal media man of Sumathipala.

– Random salary increments given to selected staff although all staff were given increments in October 2018

Cricket Age further learns that the New SLC Budget has been prepared for 2019 and passed by Exco, but even this budget is not enough as Ashley informed staff that the budget has done without consulting departments for their needs.

Another aspect is that all these spending are going on without any control for favoured employees and officials, but minor staff are being cut even over-time.

In this helpless scenario, the most burning question is who will save SLC this time as it is no secret that the two top administrators are not seeing eye-to-eye and there is no one to curb the spending – while CEO has confidently informed the staff that SLC will not have money to pay salaries in next 6 months time!

And, Now the most realistic issue for SLC! Insiders have told Cricket Age that there is no guaranteed future income for the board, as no sponsors are coming, team sponsorship and TV rights both ends in March 2020, so only ICC income will be left for SLC after that. More worryingly, Andwith Sri Lanka teams continuing dismal performance, there seems no hope left.

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