UNP Decides to bring Sri Lanka Cricket back on track, to evaluate Harin Fernando tenure

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In one of the most decisive move in the history of the game in the Island, the United National Party (UNP), who is in the government, has decided to bring Sri Lanka Cricket back on track, Cricket Age reliably learns.

As Cricket has completely gone on to ventilator in the island largely due to mismanagement, financial irregularities, the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramsinghe’s office on Friday secretly inquired some of the true and unbiased cricket fraternity stalwarts about the current status of the game. Sri Lanka has entered into the ongoing world cup as 9th ranked ODI team and has been in need for all the wrong reasons including changing and chopping of players, captain’s, dressing room controversies.

“It is sad to see that Sri Lanka cricket has in shambles right now. It is the time to uplift the game in the Island otherwise soon we will lose our most popular Sports. The Honorable Prime Minister has decided that enough is enough and there is an urgent need to look after all the aspects of the cricket” a top official from Prime Minister office told Cricket Age.

The first and foremost priority for UNP to get an idea what’s going on right now in Sri Lanka cricket, as the PMO seems totally disconnected with the cricket.

“To be honest, we don’t know, what’s going on inside. That’s why, as first priority, we spoke to some of the stalwarts of the game in order to get honest and unbiased insides from them about the current affairs of Sri Lanka cricket” the top official added further.

The UNP is also concerned about certain wrongdoings, that took place in last two years at SLC, especially the 5.5 million dollars attempted fraud, some politically influenced selections by chief selector Asantha De Mel, some financial donations made by the board and match fixing charges.

“The UNP has decided to evaluate Sri Lanka Cricket especially in last two years. It seems that no everything is right in the functioning of the board and that needs to be corrected as first priority” he added further.

More importantly, the UNP and Prime Minister office alike have decided to evaluate and scrutinised current Sports Minister Harin Fernando’s tenure as well. Harin, an UNP minister, took over the SLC in November last year with big promises to overhaul Sri Lanka’s Cricket. However, seven months on, the situation has worsen in every aspect of the game.

“UNP and Prime Minister office are eager to find out what Harin has achieved as Sports Minister in his tenure so far. Indeed, his tenure will also be evaluated” the top official added further.

And, these are not mere talkings! The UNP and Prime Minister office together have already decided to appoint an independent committee, to be chaired by a deputy Minister, to submit a comprehensive report about the most beloved game in the country.

“One thing we can make sure, this time it will be a complete cure of Sri Lanka Cricket” the top official concluded.

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