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Rashid Khan reveals how his ‘special bat’ gifted by Virat Kohli was stolen by Afghan teammate

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Ahead of Afghanistan’s opening World Cup 2019 clash against Australia, spin sensation Rashid Khan spoke about his habit of collecting bats from some of the best players in the world.

“When you are (learning) the skills of batting, you need to have a good bat. I got a few from the players. I got one from Virat (Kohli), I got from Davey (David Warner), I got one from KL Rahul and those are special bats. That will help me to make some runs in the World Cup,” said Rashid Khan.

He further revealed that this particular bat was ‘stolen’ by former captain Asghar Afghan.

“When I was batting with the bat against Ireland, I flicked one for four – I wanted to hit a boundary and it went for six. I was like ‘what happened? That went for six? I was like ‘there is something in the bat’. I loved the bat. It was like every ball I hit went for six. There was something special in that bat. As soon as I came to the pavilion, our previous captain Asghar Afghan, he came up to me and said, ‘give me that bat’ and I was like ‘oh no’.

“He had already taken it out from my bag and put it in his own bag. That was a special bat, from a special player as well. He took that bat and I hope he doesn’t do well with that and gives it back,” said a smiling Rashid Khan.


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