Virat Kohli draws inspiration from Indian Army ahead of World Cup campaign

Written by Vishwas Gupta

Ahead of their departure to England for the World Cup, Indian captain Virat Kohli spoke about how the side got their motivation from the Indian Army and how the service of the soldiers spur the team at all times.

“You get motivation from a lot of sources, the point mentioned here is a very big one. I don’t think there can be a bigger motivation than that. When you talk about the Indian Army, the role that they play for the country, there is no comparison with that,” Kohli said at the press-conference before the Indian team jetted off for England.

“If we go in with that motivation that we can do something for the Army, you will see a different level of passion coming out of us. But that also depends on a lot of other factors. Every individual has a different motivation while playing in the World Cup,” he further added.

Kohli also said that if every player kept the Indian Army in mind, the side will get an extra boost when they take the field.


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