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Former Australian Cricketer Michael Slater Removed from Flight for ‘Disruptive Behaviour’

Written by Vipin Darwade

Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater was removed from a flight after he created a disturbance during boarding that led to a delay in take-off.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed in a statement that Slater was asked to leave a Sydney to Wagga Wagga flight “for being disruptive” on Sunday, a request which was complied with.

A local radio station 2GB reported that he had been involved in a loud argument with two women before he reportedly locked himself in the toilet and refused to come out despite multiple requests.

Slater then issued a statement of his to Macquarie Radio where he confirmed that he argued with two friends while boarding and apologised for “the inconvenience this caused other passengers on the flight.”

The batsman was part of the Australian cricket team from 1993-2001, during which he played 74 Tests and 42 ODIs.


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