Drama Takes centre stage at SLC AGM

Written by N Krishnamurthy

The much awaited Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) on Sunday turned out to be a controversial affair, as the former secretary Nishantha Ranatunga walked out midway through by stating that the procedure of the calling for the meeting was invalid. After Nishantha departure, SLC administration conducted the AGM and left it open for another date.

Cricket Age inquired the matter with both the side – Nishantha and SLC – as well as with the Sports Ministry and here are the excerpts from their versions:

Nishantha Ranatunga Side: As soon as the AGM started at 11 AM at SLC headquarter, Nishantha Ranatunga, the president of Colts Cricket Club, raised the questions that SLC administration were needed to give it’s members the audited accounts 14 days prior to the AGM, which they didn’t. Further, the SLC administration also didn’t give notice 40 days prior to the AGM, thus violated the Sports Law. By protesting the AGM, Nishantha walked out with his supporters.

SLC Administration Side: After the departure of Nishantha, SLC conducted the AGM without any further hiccup. Later, one of the top administrator told Cricket Age that they have left AGM open for the next date, when they will tabled the audited accounts as soon as they will get it. He further said that as they resumed the office at SLC only on February 21st, it was near impossible for them to complete and tabled the audited accounts in today’s AGM, as there are three audits going on at SLC. In addition, they had informed the Sports Minister Harin Fernando in advance that they would not be able to tabled audited accounts in today’s AGM.

Sports Ministry Side: One of the insider at ministry told Cricket Age that once the matter will be reported to honorable Sports Minister Harin Fernando, he will take a legal opinion and decide further.

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