Developing Friendships Standout Aspect of IPL: David Miller

Written by Abhishek Patil

South Africa batsman David Miller has been one of the vital cogs in the Kings XI Punjab setup ever since he made a name for himself after a blistering start in 2012.

Talking about his experience in the tournament, Miller stressed on the off-field aspects as well as the friendships he has developed over the years.

“The IPL has been a good opportunity for me. You get to mix with a lot of different people around the world. It’s not just about the cricket. You get to know so many people from different countries and build friendships. That has been a real standout for me personally.

“On the field, the game against RCB (in 2013) is talked about so often. You don’t get a hundred in sub-40 ball (38-ball ton) so yeah that’s one highlight which I will never forget.”

He also played down fears of burnout, saying a tournament like the IPL actually helps in preparation for the World Cup.

“Any cricket is good preparation, as long as you’re getting the game time its good. To perform in such pressure and put your hand up in key moments is good for your confidence. A couple of solid performances leading up to the World Cup is what we need.” he signs off.


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