Consistency Will be Key for West Indies to Make Semis In World Cup: Lara

Written by Vipin Darwade

Former captain Brian Lara believes that West Indies need to be consistent to make the semi-finals and says that they are the “surprise element” in the tournament which returns to the UK after two decades.

“West Indies will have to play some consistent cricket. We’ve shown that we can beat England or India. We can beat any team on our day. But then we lose against Bangladesh or Afghanistan, and we let it all go away. So, that’s what West Indies have to avoid. I would love to see them get to the semi-finals,” Lara told the Times of India.

“West Indies, over the last two T20 World Cups, have been the surprise element. They’ve always been up there in the opposing team’s mind. There have been too many elements joining the dots, gradually it’s happening. So, I don’t think any country walks into the game against West Indies anymore thinking it’s over before it starts.

“On the other hand, we are capable of colossal failures, too. So, the surprise element works both ways and that’s where West Indies need to keep working. It’s amazing we have players that are most sought after in the different franchise leagues around the world and can still get together as a team. We’ve got two T20 World Cup trophies to show for that. But consistency is the key,” added the left-hander.

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