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Bishan Singh Bedi tears into MS Dhoni for on-field outburst

Written by Rohit Pawar

Criticising M S Dhoni for losing his cool and walking into the field to argue with the umpires at a recent IPL match, former India captain Bishan Bedi said that nobody is bigger than the game of cricket.

“Crkt was never meant to ‘look’ ugly-never mind if laws o the game are not trespassed-but certain ‘behavioural’ patterns r tantamount 2 bringing disrepute 2 game..nobody was ever bigger than the game which demands highest form of exemplary discipline frm players/officials alike!,” Bedi tweeted.

The incident took place during the CSK clash with Rajasthan Royals on Thursday. The match was dragged into the last over by KKR, which set a target of 152 runs for CSK.

Inning’s third last ball by Stokes was a full-toss delivery, which umpire Ulhas Gandhe thought was a no-ball. However, umpire standing in the square-leg, Bruce Oxenford, was of the opinion that the ball was valid.

Both the on-field batsmen, Santner and Ravindra Jadeja, confronted with the umpires which made Dhoni, in the dugout, furiously walk into the pitch and get into a heated argument with the on-field umpires.


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