Is ‘Voice Clip’ Controversy a conspiracy against Mohan De Silva?

Written by Rohit Pawar

There is a voice clip going viral, referring Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) secratary Mohan De Silva communication with the secretary of Matara Sports Club Sunil Mohotti. The voice clip claims that before the SLC election, Mohan De Silva was asking to vote only for him and for Nishantha Ranatunga for the secretary post. The voice clip has created a storm in Sri Lanka cricket, as interested parties are targeting Mohan De Silva and trying to create fraction between his team.

However, when Cricket Age inquired, it appeared that it was a well planned conspiracy against Mohan De Silva to malign his image.

According to sources, over a time of period, the SLC has granted over 80 million rupees to Matara Sports Club for the development of the game and infrastructure through the Southern province. However, Sunil Mohotti, being the secretary of the club, could not give the account of the given fund. The matter has already been in court. In addition, the CID is also investing the matter and Mohotti is most likely to be arrested in next few days.

According to sources, this is the main reason Mohotti, along with some other ‘interested parties’ is trying to trap Mohan De Silva.

It has also learnt that even though the voice in the clip is of Mohan De Silva, the clip has deliberately been doctored and certain important conversations has deliberately been removed in order to create wrong impression!

It is noteworthy that Mohan De Silva has always been considered as one of the ‘clean-image’ administrator at SLC. Cricket Age learns that the current administration has transferred the procurement manager Harsha Gunaratne, Who was involved in many mischief. At the same time, SLC has not renewd the contracts of Media manager logistic Dinesh Ratnasigham and HR manager Dananjaya Wijesinghe. This is another reason, people’s are trying to trap Mohan De Silva for cleaning up the SLC.


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