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MCC’s cricket committee proposes standardization of the red ball

Written by Rohit Pawar

The MCC World Cricket Committee has proposed the standardisation of the ball for the ICC World Test Championship commencing later this year. The committee, chaired by Mike Gatting and also attended by outgoing ICC chief executive David Richardson, observed during its two-day meeting in Bangalore on March 8 and 9 that the World Test Championship, which starts with the Ashes after the World Cup, provides a “perfect opportunity” to introduce a standard ball in the interest of the game. The MCC is the custodian of the Laws of Cricket, but the proposal is subject to the approval of the ICC cricket committee that will meet in May.

“The World Test Championship begins after the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. The MCC World Cricket committee felt that it would benefit the Championship for a standard ball to be used in these matches, except for those played as day/night matches. It would be for the ICC to choose which ball is most suitable, with the committee stressing that the balance between bat and ball is crucial,” the MCC said in its release.

“I think if we have a standardised ball in the world game, whatever ball that is that everyone deems as the best, that does something, it seams, it swings, it keeps its shape for the longest period of time, whatever ball that is… Especially with the Test Championship coming up, if everyone plays with the same conditions, with the same ball, I think it’s a more equal playing field so you really do get to know what is the best Test team in the world,” legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne, a member of the MCC world cricket committee, said on a @HomeOfCricket video.

Currently, the Dukes ball is used for Tests in England, Ireland and West Indies. The SG ball is used in India, while the Kookaburra is used in all other Test nations.

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