SLC expresses deep concern over Hathurusingha’s attitude

Written by Rohit Pawar

As rumors of national team head coach Chandika Hathurasingha’s sacking after the ODI series against South Africa are spreading like a wildfire, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has expressed deep concern over the attitude of the high profile Coach, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Currently Sri Lanka is involved in a five match ODI series against South Africa and have already lost the trophy after losing three matches in a trot.

After another ODI series defeat, there are rumors in Sri Lanka that Hathurusingha Will be sacked and fielding coach is likely to take over.

However, when Cricket Age inquired, it learnt that even though there is no immediate threat to Hathurusingha’s position, the SLC has taken his attitude issues and seriously.

“After taking over the SLC by winning the election on February 21st, the newly elected administration couldn’t meet Hathurusingha as he has been with the team for overseas tours. So, the administration immediately wants to have a discussion with him regarding his world cup plans” a top SLC Official told Cricket Age.

Furthermore, the SLC has received lot of compliants about Hathurusingha’s attitude.

“Right now, this is the most worrying thing for us. We are getting the feedback from the team is that there is definitely a problem with Hathurusingha’s attitude and men management skills. We have been told that the team is badly divided in many fractions and there is no unity at the moment. We seeka an explanation from the Hathurasingha on this as first priority” the top official added further.

Hired by Former SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala in December 2017, Hathurusingha has turned out a complete disaster for Sri Lanka cricket, when he had been expected to uplift the standard of the team. In his tenure, Sri Lanka has become a laughing stock in shorter format cricket and right now is placed well below Afghanistan and Bangladesh. More importantly, his own behavior and arrogance with SLC officials, selection committee have irked everyone in Sri Lanka cricket.

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