Shammi Silva, Mohan De Silva to attend ICC Meeting In Dubai

Written by Rohit Pawar

Shammi Silva, the newly appointed controversial president of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) to attend the International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting along with board secretary Mohan De Silva.

The Chief executive’s meeting of ICC is scheduled for February 28th, while the board meeting will take place on March 2.

Last week, in one of the most unfortunate incident in Sri Lanka cricket history, Shammi Silva was elected as the president of the SLC. Mohan De Silva, on the other hand, was mysteriously allowed to contest for the secratry post after he was disqualified from contesting for the presidential post due to his involvement in financial irregularities in 2005 administration.

Attending the ICC meeting by a SLC President is itself a rare thing, as former President and the Guardian of Shammi Silva and Mohan De Silva, Thilanga Sumathipala could never attend the meetings in his last tenure, due to his alleged involvement in his family betting and gambling business, through an outlet named Sporting Star.

Interestingly, Shammi Silva’s father Piyadasa De Silva (Piyadasa Mudalali) was the manager of Sumathipala’s Sporting Star and now he is all set to attend the ICC meeting and take action against corruption and match fixing! And, Mohan De Silva, who could not contest President election due to alleged financial fraud in 2005 administration, Will also give his input to ICC.

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