Mohan De Silva-Ravin Wickramaratne Files the case against rejection of their SLC nominations

Written by Rohit Pawar

Mohan De Silva and Ravin Wickramaratne, the former vice president and assistant secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) respectively, on Thursday filed the case in Appeal Court against the rejection of their nominations that barred them from contesting the upcoming board election, Cricket Age reliably learns.

On February 8, just two weeks prior to SLC election, the Appeal Committee had delivered a decision against Mohan De Silva and Ravin Wickramaratne by ruling that they are ineligible to contest the 2019 SLC election.

A day later, on February 9, Mohan De Silva released a media statement, stating that he would fight against the decision.

“My attention has been drawn to some news reports this morning, that both myself and one of the Vice Presidential candidates of my team Ravin Wickramaratne have been disqualified by the “Appeals committee” to contest the SLC elections due on the 21st February 2019.. Whilst I have not been officially informed by the respective committee of this development, I felt fit to inform the Media that after verifying the authenticity of the statement that I intend to act accordingly in manner that demands my response. I also wish to state that I have never been found fault or accused of any wrong doings either in the field of cricket or outside and hence I value the very reputation I have built through hard work. Besides as someone who has fulfilled the stipulated requirement to be eligible to contest the Presidency of Sri Lanka cricket, I am both surprised and disappointed to read such a development at this late hour. I intend to investigate the situation thoroughly and shall not rest until my reputation and my position is cleared. I intend to speak to the Media once again very shortly once a clearer picture emerges with regards to this development” he had said.

In addition, both Mohan De Silva and Ravin Wickramaratne called for a press conference on Tuesday and opposed the appeal committee decision.

The much awaited SLC election are scheduled for February 21.


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