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SLC 11.1 Million Attempted Fraud Accused Piyal Nandana get away Scot-free

Written by Rohit Pawar

Piyal Nandana, former head of finance of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) who is one of the main culprit in the board 11.1 million dollars attempted fraud case, has not only been released from the jail but has even started working somewhere else, Cricket Age reliably learns.

In october last year, CID had arrested Piyal in the ongoing investigation of the attempted fraud. At that time, CID had found that Piyal was using 7 different mobile phones while working at SLC. More surprisingly, CID had found Piyal’s 18 different bank accounts along with his wife back then.

At that time, the investigative CID officials were confident that these findings would help them to find real culprit behind the attempted fraud. It is noteworthy that, Piyal was a employee of former SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala few years back.

However, according to sources, now he has been released from the jail and currently is working as an accountant in a travel agency in Colombo.

Cricket Age had exposed at that time that the document was sent by SLC Finance division to SONY, and that three employees were involved in the attempted fraud. The resolution had been prepared, checked and approved by three different employees of the SLC!

In the resolution, it had been stated that the total amount is USD 11,128,809 and it should have deposited in Hongkong account, as SLC has having some internal issues.



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