After Sports Minister, Sumathipala Camp Launch ‘Mudslinging Campaign’ Against His Legal Advisor

Written by Rohit Pawar

Even though Thilanga Sumathipala, the notorious and controversial former president of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC), has been knocked out of the administration fearing the International Cricket Council (ICC), his ambitions are still there to rule the cricket from the backside. In the upcoming SLC election, his plans are quite simple : manipulate things, win the battle through his close associates and again ruin the game in the Island!

With these intentions, as SLC election will be held in two weeks time, Sumathipala camp has started a well planned mudslinging campaign against Sports Minister Harin Fernando legal advisor Panduka Keerthinanda!

According to sources, Shammi Silva, the most notorious administrator in Sumathipala camp, has filled a petition against Keerthinanda to SLC competent authority Chulananda Perera and minister himself. Not only this, Sumathipala Camp has started a campaign against Keerthinanda on social media as well, by accusing him being ‘biased’.

However, this is another attempt by Sumathipala and his ‘mafia gang’ to halt the progress of Sri Lanka Cricket in democratic way. As Sumathipala camp has been losing the battle of election by each passing day, now they are trying to manipulate things, by creating false stories!

According to highly placed sources, Sumathipala’s Camp attack against Keerthinanda is a result of desperation and frustration. Largely because, Cricket Age learns that Keerthinanda has been associated with Sports Ministry since 2011. More importantly, he has been regarded as one of the top most Sports expert lawyer in Sri Lanka and has served many committees, that brought Sports laws in the island.

He holds the credit to bring Anti Doping law in Sri Lanka! He is the member of Sri Lanka’s Sports Council and had been associated with Sports Ministers and legal advisor in the past as well. In 2013, Keerthinanda was in the SLC election appeal committee, that disqualified Sumathipala from contesting the election, on the ground of his association with his family betting and gambling business. Later, Sumathipala dragged Keerthinanda and other appeal committee members to Writ Aplication in court of appeal in said republic , but lost the case!

Top of all these, Sumathipala side intentions are to manipulate election process. It is noteworthy, that as a Sports Minister, Harin Fernado has gained a ‘national Hero’ status. In just over a month in office, Harin has achieved many incredible feat! First, he convinced ICC to establish Anti Corruption Office in Sri Lanka. Then, ICC launched amnesty in Sri Lanka and then agreed to give some more time for SLC election, so it can be held in democratic way. Most importantly, Harin is working on bringing changes in SLC constitution!

However, Sumathipala side’s fear is something else! On the lines of Harin mission to clean up the SLC, Keerthinanda is drafting and preparing most awaited Anti corruption law in Sri Lanka cricket. In last two years, mostly during Sumathipala’s tenure, SLC has become most notorious cricket board. The ICC itself officially labeled SLC as most corrupted cricket board in the world! Plenty of match fixing allegations have been exposed involving Sri Lanka players in last few months and ICC is carrying a wholesale inquiry in the island.

That’s the reason, Sumathipala side is desperate. That’s why, they are targeting Keerthinanda, in order to halt the legal advice Harin is getting from him!

It is noteworthy that, few weeks ago, Sumathipala Camp had launched the same kind of mudslinging campaign against Harin as well. At that time also, Cricket Age had exposed the devil intentions of Sumathipala camp.

Due to corruption, frauds, mismanagement of Sumathipala led administration, in last two years, Sri Lanka Cricket is already on the ventilator. Now, they are targeting those, who are committed to bring Sri Lanka Cricket back on track!



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