Harin Fernando to solve SLC-KPMG Mystery?

Written by Rohit Pawar

In just less than one month, Harin Fernando has made big strides as a Sports Minister. Particularly, with his noble mission to clean up the current mess at Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has already paid rich dividends, as he has got the approval from the AG’s department for the necessary changes in Sports law and now will most likely to be given the permission from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to postpone the SLC election.

However, Harin needs to solve a SLC mystery as soon as possible, if he wants to completely overhaul the cricket board.

This mystery is about the association of SLC and KPMG

Regarded as one of the most prominent global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisorory services, KPMG is supposed to provide management restructure guidelines to SLC. During his disastrous tenure at SLC, Thilanga Sumathipala led administration hired KPMG and paid a whopping 2 million for their services. KPMG was bound to produce a structure for SLC, but after two and half years, there is no progress in the matter!

According to sources, KPMG got all the details from the SLC long time ago, but the matter is dragging continuesly since then.

“The KPMG has already taken the money, but most positions in their proposal are not right for the board” a former employee of SLC told Cricket Age.

There are few other concerns as well. Through KPMG proposed structure, few unqualified and unwanted employees of SLC are already trying their best to get their positions cemented.

“Since long time ago KPMG interviewed SLC staff. Since then, lot of employees are going behind KPMG for their promotions” he added further.

One such employee is SLC HR manager Dananjaya Wijesinghe. Even though he doesn’t know anything about HR and is totally dependent on his subordinates for work, is reportedly worshiping KPMG for a promotion. According to sources, few months ago before the dissolve of the executive committee, he unsuccessfully tried to become a HOD.

As Harin has taken the task to clean up SLC, he must ask some harsh questions to CEO Ashley De Silva about this deal. According to sources, Ashley De Silva is one of the main culprit of this deal and has not informed Harin Fernando about this till date. Harin needs to ask Ashley De Silva why SLC unnecessarily paid that much amount to KPMG? also, why Ashley could not get structure from KPMG even after two and half years? And most importantly, is KPMG structure worth for SLC at all?

It is noteworthy that during his disastrous tenure, Sumathipala deliberately filled SLC with his loyals by creating many unnecessary designations. If Harin manages to implement KPMG structure with no outside influence, then it would be one of the most productive overhaul for the SLC!

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