Tillakaratne’s Starts campaign at SLC!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Even before the candidates, Hashan and Apsari Tillakaratne have started their campaign to maintain a rapport with possible winners of upcoming SLC elections, so they can continue with their respective high profile posts.

Tillakaratne’s are of all the seasons. And of all the camps as well. Their story of surviving at Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) is a perfect example of how to live in this world! Now, take this. During 2015 SLC election, Hashan Tillakaratne, a former test captain, campaigned hard for Thilanga Sumathipala’s rivals. However, as Sumathipala emerged the winner, Hashan changed the side and became his close associate. Moreover, within few months, Hashan brought his wife Apsari into the SLC setup as well. She is a former air hostess and very few in Sri Lanka cricket can say one or two lines about her contribution and connection with Cricket. It was one of the biggest joke that Sumathipala appointed her as the coordinator of women’s cricket! Since then, Sri Lanka Women’s Cricket is on ventilator, however, Apsari is prospering big time. When Sumathipala was there, she spent millions of rupees on so called talent hunt programmes. She could not find a single talent!

Hashan is a Sri Lanka under 19 coach! On the last day of Sumathipala led administration at SLC, Hashan mysteriously secured contract extensions for his wife and a new post for himself. After that, he turned that much closer to Sumathipala, that one evening he straightway went to Punchi Borella to get the approval of Sumathipala for a squad to face India. Interesting fact is that Sumathipala was not SLC President as that time!

Now, as Sumathipala is no longer active at SLC, Tillakaratne’s have changed their loyalty again. Accordimg to sources, nowadays, Hashan is busy lobbying with another bigwigs of Sri Lanka cricket. The Tillakaratne’s have sensed that this time this administrator will become the Messiah of Sri Lanka cricket!

And, don’t forget about their political moves as well. In October, Tillakaratne’s were on high sky, we’re posting on social sites in every single second to show their closeness with a powerful leader. Now, as the leader has faded away after political drama, Tillakaratne’s are mulling over New strategy: how to survive in UNP led government?

Really, Tillakaratne’s are of all the camps!


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