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‘Perth Pitch Was by No Means Average’ – Tendulkar Slams ICC Rating

Written by Vipin Darwade

Legendary Sachin Tendulkar has become the latest former cricketer to express displeasure at the fact that the Perth wicket was given average rating by the ICC.

“Pitches play a crucial role, especially in Test cricket. In order to revive Test cricket and generate excitement, we need to provide more pitches like the one at Perth, where the skills of batsmen and bowlers are truly TESTed. This pitch was by no means Average,” tweeted Tendulkar.

The second Test between India and Australia took place at Perth and the pitch – which had plenty of assistance for fast bowlers over the first three days – was generally praised by fans and experts alike.

“Anyone who says there’s anything wrong with that wicket, they must’ve been watching a different game,” Australia coach Justin Langer had said after the game.

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan had also been left baffled at the ICC’s decision, saying that more pitches need to be prepared like this.

“And they wonder why Test Match cricket is struggling .. Was a tremendously exciting pitch which had a bit for everyone .. Should be more like this IMO”, Vaughan had said on Twitter.


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