The inside story of Dharmadasa and Shammi Silva meeting

Written by N Krishnamurthy

As the election time has arrived at Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC), the candidates and certain camps have also started to tighten up their strategy. Obviously, the attempts have also been started to bring opposite camp’s stalwart!

In one such scenario, few days ago the notorious and controversial treasurer of Thilanga Sumathipala camp Shammi Silva tried to convince Jayantha Dharmadasa!

Dharmadasa was vice president in Sumathipala led administration until May last year, but walked out midway through largely due to wrong decisions and dictatorship of Sumathipala.

The scenario, however, has changed now. Sumathipala has been done and dusted in cricket administration (and in politics also). So, obviously Sumathipala like a sinking ship, without a captain!

That was the reason for Shammi Silva eagerness to meet Dharmadasa. According to sources, a friend of Shammi Silva, Nilan Oponso requested Dharmadasa for a meeting. The meeting took place in a hotel, with one person was present there from both the side!

However, the meeting could not bring any conclusion. According to sources, Shammi Silva offered Dharmadasa to join Sumathipala camp. However, Dharmadasa clearly told that he is ready to join anyone and ready to welcome anyone to his side also for the betterment of the game, but he can’t work with Sumathipala. It is a open fact that even though Sumathipala is not contesting the election ( by fearing ICC), he will be the kingmaker behind the scenes and once again will ruin Sri Lanka Cricket, if he manages to win!

Dharmadasa was not ready for this!

Cricket Age also learns that as Sumathipala is not contesting the election and has nominated Shammi Silva also for the presidential post, majority of his camp are upset with the decision. A completely illegible and controversial figure, Shammi Silva is not popular even within Sumathipala’s Camp. According to insiders, many former administrators of Sumathipala camp were not ready to even put their submissions for the election, but he forcefully dragged them into the election.

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