Galle Cricket Club Secretary Accused Of Selling Members Enclosure’s Tickets

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In a shocking turn of events, in the ongoing test between Sri Lanka and England at iconic Galle stadium, the secretary of Galle Cricket Club Gajaba Pitigala has been accused of selling tickets to English fans for 5000 rupees to give them entry into members enclosure, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Pitigala is a former first class cricketer and has been considered as one of the close associate of former SLC president Thilanga Sumathipala.

According to sources, on the fourth day of Galle test on friday, Pitigala was selling tickets of the members enclosure. As England has tighten it’s grip on the test by taking three Sri Lanka wickets in the first session of the day four, many english fans were ready to enter into the ground at any cost. According to sources, Pitigala cashed the opportunity and sold many tickets for the members enclosure.

Traditionally, the members enclosure is reserved only for the administrators/staff of the Galle Cricket Club. However, Pitigala managed to sell tickets to english fans and in order to make their entry possible, he even managed to change the security officials of the enclosure!


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