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Virat Kohli’s Comment Has Been Misunderstood: Rajeev Shukla

Written by Abhishek Patil

IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla has said that Virat Kohli’s comment on asking a fan to leave India if he likes batsmen from other countries should be taken in the right perspective. Shukla added that the statement shouldn’t be dragged into unnecessary controversies.

““As far as Virat Kohli’s statement is concerned, I think it should be taken in the right perspective. He must be talking in terms of nationalism, that you should support team India. However, individuals can be fans of players from other countries as well, but Kohli’s statement should be seen in the right context. It shouldn’t be dragged into controversies unnecessarily.” said Rajeev Shukla

Shukla expressed that the Indian team has been doing very well in T20s in the recent past and that he believes that India will win the T20 series against Australia.

““As far as the performance of the Indian team is concerned, they are really doing well in T20s. They have defeated all the teams in the recent past. They have done well against West Indies and they will definitely win the series against Australia. The morale of the team is very high.”


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