‘Taylor’s Actions Digraceful ‘ – Sarfraz Lashes Out at New Zealand Batsman

Written by Vishwas Gupta

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed lashed out at New Zealand’s Ross Taylor for apparently suggesting to the umpire that Mohammad Hafeez’s action was illegal during the first ODI in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

At the end of off-spinner Hafeez’s first over, Taylor made a gesture to the umpire, bending his right arm and suggesting Hafeez was chucking.

“I will say that Taylor’s action was not correct,” Sarfraz later said in the post-match press conference. “It’s not his job to give (the) action which was shown on TV. It was disgraceful, for me.

“His job is to do batting and if he concentrates on that, it’s better. I complained to umpires that his action did not come under sportsmanship.

“Ross is a professional cricketer and he should not have done that. He did it two or three times – it’s (the) umpires’ job. Hafeez’s action has no problem and (Taylor) was trying to create an issue without a reason.”

Hafeez’s action has been under the scanner for quite a few years now. Over the last four years, he has been suspended from bowling due to illegal action thrice.


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