Sumathipala Attempts To Instill Fear In Sri Lanka Democracy

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Thilanga Sumathipala, the embarrassingly discarded former president of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC), is now trying to instill fear in the people’s of his country. As Mahinda Rajapaksa has dramatically sworn in as the prime minister of Sri Lanka, Sumathipala and his gang of looters from the SLC are falsely claiming to be back in the fold. So, in order to show their reemergence, Sumathipala is acting unconstitutionally, even though the new Prime Minister has made it loud and clear that peace and harmony in the Island is his first and foremost priority.

On 27th October, a lady journalist wrote on his twitter account that the Lake House in Colombo was taken over by SLPP union in the presence of Sumathipala.

Lake House is the government owned news publication and distribution Authority and it’s head office is in Colombo.

Then, yesterday, when Sri Lanka’s most iconic world cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga went to his previous office at petroleum ministry at dematagoda, some SLPP union volunteers, who were present there is large numbers, tried to oust him. Dematagoda is next to Borella, which is the constituency of Sumathipala.

It is noteworthy that as soon as Mahinda Rajapaksa returned in Sri Lanka political fold is Prime Minister, Sumathipala is shamelessly showing that he is behind Rajapaksa – Maithripala patch up! On Sumathipala’s official Facebook account, there were dozens of post that reads ‘job done.’ a forcefully adopted and ‘cursed’ son of Sri Lanka Cricket, there are talks that now sumathipala is eyeing on a ministerial portfolio, as he knows his career as a cricket administrator has almost finished!


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