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SLC Conducts U15 District Matches Without Education Ministry Approval

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Of late, Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has become notorious for all kind of wrongdoings. Instead of trying to uplift the game in the Island, SLC is completely focused on making money by all sort of unethical things.

In the latest episode, it has learnt that the SLC is conducting Under15 District matches without getting the approval from the Education Ministry. To make thing worse, Cricket Age learns that the district coaches are asking 300 hundred rupees from the each player to play in the district matches.

“All the schools comes under education ministry. This, before conducting any match involving school players, tournament, SLC should have taken the permission. However, without informing Honorable Education Minister Akila Viraj, SLC is taking school boys for the matches” a top official of Education Ministry told Cricket Age.

Also, there is an U19 test series going on between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. SLC did not bother to take permission from the education ministry for this also. However, as it is related to national pride, the education ministry has given its permission.

“Education ministry is planning to conduct annual Prima trophy in next few months. So, it’s ridiculous that SLC is trying to take the credit, even though it doesn’t comes under their criteria anymore” he further added.

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